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Wonder why fake news is winning as a concept and description?

Football is not the same game it was 10 years ago. Evidence over the last decade has been mounting that parts of the game are harmful to some of its players.

Senator John McCain has been in the news over his health issues this past week, and perhaps you can remember the concerns about Secretary Clinton’s health in the fall.

Medical care for our country's veterans should be nothing short of the best. However, Veterans Hospitals are known for falling short of this goal.

"What do you do?" It is a question that we have either asked or been asked before. Most of the time, when asking it, we have some idea of the profession in question.

I am of an age when my ability to not “hear” my wife is becoming less a spontaneous reaction and more a physiologic one.

As a native Midwesterner who made the move across the country to Seattle for graduate school, I have grown accustomed to very pleasant summers. Apparently, I have grown soft as well. When I got on the plane at SeaTac, it was about 75 degrees.

David Everette was simply walking to a store when making the absolute wrong decision during a fierce thunderstorm cost him his life.

The Alzheimers Association’s International Conference is underway in London which might explain an uptick in reports on Alzheimer's in the popular media. There are reports in the Washington Post, NPR, BBC, Medscape, even Yahoo food.

Senator John McCain’s office just released a statement from the Mayo Clinic Hospital in Phoenix detailing his newly diagnosed Glio