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On the 12th Day of Christmas ACSH gave to me 12 swimmers cupping....  
Borrowing a traditions from the Chinese, 2016 could be rightly be called "The Year of the Joint." Restrictions on marijuana are melting away in individual states, but not at the federal level. The Council weighed in on this, and more.
Dipping a toe into the waters of dental issues associated with scuba diving, a DDS-to-be wants to alert divers to the fact that taking the plunge can exacerbate problems with unhealthy teeth and loose fillings. The researcher, a student in the University of Buffalo School of Dental Medicine, began a small survey of divers on a personal instinct that underwater conditions worsen existing dental problems. The curiosity of the student, Vinisha Ranna, Bachelor of Dental Surgery, deepened after her own underwater excursion three years ago, when she experienced a "squeezing sensation in her teeth, a condition known as barodontalgia." And when Ms. Ranna subsequently found that there wasn't much clinical research previously done, she decided to dive into the topic herself.
Standing on the doorstep of 2017, we can only wonder which anti-science voices will be the loudest next year, as we consider how best to debunk their anti-science messages.
Here at ACSH, we cover nearly every topic under the sun related to biomedicine, chemistry, health, epidemiology, and sports science. We are sometimes surprised to learn which articles are most popular with our readers. This year, our work on herpes vaccines resonated across the globe. In fact, one of them was the most popular article we wrote all year! (Kudos to Dr. Josh Bloom.) So, in case you missed them, here are the ten most popular articles we wrote in 2016 (yes, including two on herpes): #1. A Vaccine For Herpes Erupts In The News
You swear you were sooo careful last year but nevertheless, the tangled Christmas lights prevail. It's knot science, and here's why!
We applaud the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety for its recent report highlighting the dangers of sleep-deprived driving. However, when one sees how the sleep data was gathered, uncertainty about its accuracy – as well as the study's corresponding conclusions on crash rates – creates some doubt.
You better hope that Santa doesn't leave you lipstick under the tree. Because if he does, according to the Environmental Working Group, you'll never see Easter.
Chiropractors appear to have a "you have it, we treat it" type of philosophy. That makes us question the validity of their far-out claims and wonder about the evidence that's supposed to support their statements. And we are not alone.
There are a lot of Seattle Seahawks haters out there. Apparently, a popular insult hurled at the NFL team is that it is a "Johnny-come-lately" franchise supported by a bunch of fair-weather fans, now that the team is good. The problem for the haters, however, is that statistics show it's not true.
18% attrition is a waste of our teaching resources and creates unwarranted stress for our physicians in training. I was drawn to the article because I was in fact part of that attrition ... I spent a great year in Vermont, growing up