Michael Shaw

Michael D. Shaw is executive vice president and director of marketing for Interscan Corporation, a Los Angeles-based manufacturer of toxic gas detection instrumentation and related software. Interscan's products are used in more than 80 countries, and its customer list contains some of the most prestigious industrial companies, research centers, and government agencies.

Michael's academic credentials include undergraduate biochemical research at UCLA under Professor Roberts A. Smith and Nobel Laureate Willard Libby, pioneering endocrinology studies under Dr. Jessie Marmoston (County USC Medical Center), and a graduate stint at MIT under Professor Gene Brown. Unlike many scientifically-trained individuals, though, Michael's activities in the entertainment industry as a session musician, record producer, and talent manager have honed both his right brain as well as left brain attributes. As such, he is able to make the most technical material accessible to the layperson.

Michael has a unique way of separating the wheat from the chaff--and there seems to be a whole lot of chaff out there these days. Beginning as a commentator on scientific issues, Michael soon branched out into politics and the pop culture. Never shy to offer his opinion, Michael has developed an international reputation as a straight-talking, scientifically-grounded commentator. Be prepared to hear some contrarian thoughts!

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