“Elections are a measure of ordinal preferences. As long as you care enough to vote, it doesn’t matter how much you care about the election outcome, as everyone’s voice is the same.
ACSH was founded in 1978 to fight back against misinformation in the media, primarily involving the safety of food and "chemicals." We have been debunking "fake news" decades before the term came into existence.
Environmentalists often oppose the very solutions that they once proposed.
We were pro-GMO before the term "GMO" was even invented. That's because the acronym "GMO" is not used by scientists, but is instead a colloquialism employed by the media, activists, and the general public.
Solar power, wind mills, and electric cars will save the world, environmentalists tell us. But if that's actually true, then environmentalists need to stop blocking the construction of solar power, wind mills, and electric cars.
Social media in general, and Twitter in particular, is an absolute sewer pipe.
Imagine sinking your teeth into a nice, juicy hamburger. Then, imagine being told that the hamburger isn't made from beef after all. Instead, it's entirely vegetarian. Impossible, right? Soy burgers are nasty.
One of the problems with science communication is that we are always a day or two behind the mass media. The general pattern is this:
Remember the Occupy movement? It began in 2011 and fizzled out a few years later. Why?
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