A 16-year-old Ohio teen was in for an apparent rude awakening after calling 911 on her father for “theft of property.” In a now viral video (see here) capt
I had the distinct pleasure of presenting at Komen’s Pink, Purple Strength and Unity Conference on coping with a breast cancer diagnosis and how best to
As a glass half full and “why limit your world view to a glass anyway” kind of person, I am always partial to common sense tips that allow us to enjoy holidays by keeping us safe while not preoccupying us with endless worry.
In an ideal world, a government governs while a parent parents. This utopia, in my view, would involve a symbiotic relationship that, together, advances the best interest of a child.
In the era of overthinking everything with an excessive- often paralyzing - preoccupation with fear and perfection, it is quite refreshing to hear 17-year-old gold medalist
This time last week I hadn’t even heard of the Broadway musical sensation Dear Evan Hansen.
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