We usually think about young people as those who frequently go too far with alcohol. While that's true, we often overlook other demographics. A new study points out that 20 percent of senior citizens, those over the age of 65, are also hitting the sauce way too hard.
Politicians and community leaders have long used the line that marijuana is a gateway drug when trying to sound tough on drugs. The idea is that marijuana makes you more sensitized toward trying harder and potentially more dangerous drugs. Some data back this up as most hard drug users also used marijuana. However, the overwhelming majority of marijuana users never progress to other drugs, which has lead many to back down on the gateway claim. But a new st
Thanks to movies like Animal House, American Pie, and Old School, binge drinking in college has been tightly woven into the fabric of our society. Unfortunately, binge drinking is not as glamorous as Van Wilder makes it seem. Instead it is a major problem for public health. Each year 2,000 college aged kids die from alcohol related deaths. Another 600,000 are seriously injured. According to the National Institute on Alcohol Abuse and Alcoholism, 4 out of 5 college students
Excessive alcohol consumption has long been considered a major health problem in our society, especially amongst the young. We here at ACSH have spoken many times before about the detrimental effects it has on the body, including liver, brain and heart, as well as the destructive
Using data from a population-based Swedish data set, researchers led by Pavla Kadiecova from St. Anne s Hospital, Brno, Czech Republic, examined the association of mid-life alcohol consumption with risk of stroke in later life.
n one of the longest studies of the cardiac effects of alcohol (the Atherosclerosis Risk in Communities or ARIC study), Dr. Alexandra Gonçalves of the Brigham and Women s Hospital and colleagues examined data from nearly 15,000 participants.
The latest in health news: GM mosquitoes to be unleashed to fight painful diseases, a drink a day may keep the cardiologist away, and women battling cancer often unsure what type of tumor they are fighting
A new study out of Sweden evaluated prospectively how a few lifestyle modifications might yield significant reductions in risk of heart attacks. Published in the current Journal of the American College of Cardiology, the
A few years ago, the FDA mandated that four companies remove their alcoholic energy drinks from the market after concluding that the products were unsafe and illegal. Now, a group of researchers at the Australian National University s Centre for
Survey says: the overwhelming majority of Ob-Gyns don t discuss toxic chemicals with moms-to-be. The activists spin: Most Ob docs are not up on these risks. Really? Maybe not as up as EWG!
Although they probably don t realize it, teens have discovered a potentially deadly way of getting drunk inhaling alcohol vapors sometimes called vaping (not to be confused with use of electronic cigarettes).
The consumption and abuse of alcohol are important topics for Americans health. Alcohol is in fact that most commonly abused substance in our nation and the world, with immense health ramifications. So why do only one-sixth of adults recall discussing the subject with a healthcare professional?