anti-GMO activists

Dear anti-GM food aficionados, We are warning you that it may be time to stock up on your Whole Foods vegan-burgers and kale because civilization has now taken one more step toward the extinction of all healthy foods on earth. The latest culprit? The banana from hell. In fact, this product is SO awful that it will provide deadly vitamin A to the many selfish Ugandans who would prefer not to die from a deficiency of the stuff. They have some nerve.
In addition to selling about everything you can think of under the sun in bulk quantities, COSTCO is now putting its two cents
It is a fairly safe bet that Alex Berezow is going to have a very busy day, and some of it will be rather unpleasant. Berezow, the founder of the enormously popular RealClearScience website takes no prisoners in his scathing piece a combination of opinion and investigation that Whole Foods (and the rest of the organic food industry) will not be happy to read. Here are some of the most provocative (and good luck finding any that aren t) quotes and references:
Malaria is one of the worst medical scourges in the world today. According to the World Health Organization (WHO), there were about 207 million cases worldwide in 2012, and the disease was responsible for over 600,000 deaths mostly in children under 5 years old.
A recent piece on Science 2.0 by Hank Campbell the creator of the site reflects the phony activist claims and anti-science
Genetically modified foods have been in the news a whole lot recently. Those who use the media as a platform to scare people about GM foods are strategically using fear as their weapon of choice,
Why wouldn t consumers want to embrace a technology that could: Reduce the use of pesticides on crops; provide crops resistant to drought and high salinity in soil; enhance the nutritional value of foods; improve disease resistance in crops; prevent expansion of agriculture into marginal lands; allow the use of soil-conserving methods; and reduce the anti-nutrients in staple crops?