anti-vaccine movement

When some of the public hears about vaccines today, they may think of Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent links to autism or Jenny McCarthy’s use of her Hollywood megaphone to polarize the issue as well as encourage the spread of an anti-

vaccThe American Medical Association (AMA) the largest association of physicians in the United States has called for an end to non-me

455195407In the debate between public health and personal choice, the Vermont House came down on the side of science and

vaccineThis past Sunday, April 12th, marked the 60th anniversary of Jonas Salk s polio vaccine being deemed safe, effective a

vaccinationAfter a four-hour hearing, California lawmakers

512px-Robert_Kennedy_Jr._1Well-known vaccine skeptic Robert F. Kennedy Jr.

Screen Shot 2015-02-04 at 1.06.27 PMToday we give a shoutout to a voice of reason in the vacc