Barbara Demeneix, a team leader at The Paris Natural History Museum, certainly has credentials. She earned a Ph.D. in endocrinology and physiology from the University of Calgary, published two books, more than 170 papers, and received a number of awards for her work primarily focused on thyroid function.

That's why it's hard to understand, with such training and experience, how Demeneix became one of the head counselors in the "Endocrine Disruptor Camp," which all but guarantees a certain amount of nuttiness.  Once again that camp does not disappoint chemophobes and homeopaths who think any trace of any chemical does something important. This time she claims we should stop using...

Instagram set off a social media firestorm by removing a photo deemed “offensive” of a young boy with a congenital syndrome replete with facial deformities. According to Charlie Beswick— the child’s mother, this was not the first time. 

The most recent photo post (with hashtags) in question for her @ouralteredlife account here:

#ouralteredlife #...

What causes autism spectrum disorder (ASD)? We're not sure.

How many different types of ASD exist? Good question. 

How many treatments are available for ASD? Not enough. 

The National Institutes of Health (NIH) is taking this lack of understanding seriously. In case anyone doubts this, the NIH put its money where its mouth is last week when the agency announced the awarding of nine research grants totaling almost $100 million, over the next five years. This is roughly ten times more than the average research grant given to a researcher. 

These grants are part of the Autism Centers of Excellence (ACE) program - created a decade ago to support research projects that aim to understand autism spectrum disorder (ASD). The Centers for Disease Control and...

Glyphosate, the active herbicide in Roundup, is pretty much always in the news, but it is even more so lately:

  • It causes cancer. (A lawsuit against Monsanto)
  • The EU says it doesn't cause cancer. 
  • It was added to California's Proposition list as a carcinogen. Except it isn't.
  • The...

The Food and Drug Administration (FDA) has updated its 'consumer update' this month, which happens to be Autism Awareness month, to bring attention to the useless autism treatments that are targeted towards parents looking to help their children.

First, the FDA is clear in stating that there is NO CURE for autism which makes any treatment claiming to be a cure one thing - a lie.  

Next, they provide sound advice to help people have a more skeptical eye when considering one of these treatments. 

Their tips for determining treatments to avoid are: 

  • Be suspicious of products that claim to treat a wide range of diseases.
  • Personal testimonials are no...

Good news. Important information on vaccines is getting through to Americans – and that's a big win for science and public health in the United States.

New data released today shows that more than eight in ten "support requiring all healthy schoolchildren to be vaccinated for measles, mumps and rubella." In addition, an overwhelming number of adults – 88 percent – "believe that the benefits of these inoculations outweigh the risks."

Results of a survey conducted by the Pew Research Center before the November elections show that 82 percent of Americans believe in the benefits of childhood vaccinations. Additionally, the survey revealed that...

If Donald Trump's anti-vaccine tweets were not enough to make the scientific and medical community nervous about the future of vaccination in this country, there is now a new reason to be concerned. Very concerned. 

It is reported that Donald Trump met this week with Robert Kennedy Jr., a vaccine denier and one of the most outspoken proponents of the false claim that vaccines cause autism. At the core of RFK Jr.'s irrational and harmful platform is the use of the preservative thimerosal in vaccines. Just two years ago, he edited the book, "Thimerosal: Let the Science Speak: The Evidence Supporting the Immediate Removal of Mercury--a Known Neurotoxin--from...

When some of the public hears about vaccines today, they may think of Andrew Wakefield's fraudulent links to autism or Jenny McCarthy’s use of her Hollywood megaphone to polarize the issue as well as encourage the spread of an anti-vaccine movement.  

Truth be told, for a time public opinion did shift and philosophical exemptions boomed, primarily in states like California, Washington, and Oregon. Preventable diseases blossomed. 

As science stood largely silent, Dr. Paul Offit - Chief of Infectious Diseases and the Director of the Vaccine Education Center at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) and long-time trustee and supporter of the American Council on Science and Health - took to the helm to fight the noble battle on behalf of children’s health and safety.  He...

shutterstock_392337439Every time I think that this nightmare might be over, Andrew Wakefield is back in the news.

This time, the rights to his 2010 book have recently been acquired, and it looks like my nightmare is going to become a Hollywood film.

Wakefield's book entitled "Callous Disregard: Autism and Vaccines — The Truth Behind a Tragedy," is his version of a story that we now know all too well — his view of the events surrounding the retraction of his Lancet paper published in 1998 describing a false link between vaccines and autism. In it, Wakefield, who has been barred from practicing...

shutterstock_135531320As a scientist, I cheered last month when you pulled “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” from the Tribeca Film Festival. You made a wise decision that landed on the side of science — not something that happens every day. Then, this week, I heard your subsequent interview on the "Today" show.

In preparing to write this piece, I watched the interview multiple times. And, it is clear that the difference between you and “anti-vaccinators” is that you are ready and willing to learn the truth. The sincerity is in your eyes, and I don’t think that you are acting this time.

So, my...