There are a lot of public plays albeit via media outlets, advocacy groups or the like, positioning childbirth as a debate.
A few recent studies with weak design sought a link between pediatric obesity and method of delivery: vaginal birth versus cesarean section.
Since “fake news” seems to be the catch all buzz worthy expression of the moment, we also don’t need to look very far to find common medical falsehoods that tend to originate from the Hollywood stratosphere.
A new study published in the journal Pediatrics invest
In health news: why no one is to blame for this year's failed flu shot, one in five hysterectomies are unnecessary, & here's one supplement we do love!
Get the latest news on the costly Hepatitis C drug, why C-sections have skyrocketed in numbers, and the real reason behind the lack of research on antibiotic research
The majority of twin births approximately
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