cancer cure

Although no politician has ever been "pro-cancer" several have adopted staunchly anti-cancer positions -- as safe a policy promise as you'll ever find. Richard Nixon waged a war against cancer almost 50 years ago. More recently, both President Trump and presidential candidate Joe Biden have promised to cure it. But is this a realistic goal or just political pandering? Here is the first article in Dr. Chris Gerry's series about the scientific realities that stand in the way of a universal cure. Don't miss it.
Despite having yet to save a mouse, last week a company created headlines when it said that it would cure all cancers -- in a year. Let's clarify what promise actually exists in the field, and what hurdles still need to be overcome.
Cancer immunotherapy is generating a level of excitement in the medical and scientific community, the likes of which are unprecedented. One scientist's HIV research led him to consider using the HIV virus to kill cancer cells. Cancer immunotherapy could very possibly turn out to be the cure for cancer.