When the latest trend generates buzzwords from its devotees like "detoxify" and "rejuvenation" and "cleansing," and with the celebrity set hopping on board, that usually means it's time for the level-headed among us to tap their inner skepticism before the purveyors of cool have us all bamboozled and reaching for our wallets. Welcome to the wonderful world of infrared saunas, and the dubious health claims that come with them.
A recent paper published in the journal Pediatrics reveals how musician celebrities often endorse foods and beverages which are of poor nutritional quality, which only adds to the burden of the childhood obesity crisis.
Sandra Lee, well-known TV chef and Gov. Cuomo s domestic partner, has decided to deal with her DCIS with bilateral mastectomies. She is of course entitled to make her own decision, but her example and statements may lead other women astray.
We at ACSH are heartened to know that America has gotten a little safer this week. Self-proclaimed vaccine expert Jenny McCarthy will soon become a co-host on The View, where she will no doubt be sharing her medical acumen with millions of people who will devour every word.
We value movie stars and musicians for their entertainment value, not their scientific expertise. But when they weigh in on important issues pertaining to human health and get things wrong, it is important to set the record straight. Scientists affiliated with the American Council on Science and Health do just that. In the first edition of Celebrities Vs. Science, they respond to one celebrity doozy of a comment at a time.