childhood obesity

Obesity-related issues are more problematic than those associated with smoking, considering the tsunami of at least forty chronic preventable diseases, which result in its wake.
Back in 2012, we noted the good news that the prevalence of obesity and severe obesity in children served by federal food assistance programs had diminished.
In 1980 China activated their one-child only policy, in an attempt to slow the growth of the population. In 2016, that policy was rescinded  — but some of its effects will be felt for years to come.
A few recent studies with weak design sought a link between pediatric obesity and method of delivery: vaginal birth versus cesarean section.
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It's widely understood that obesity is often linked to high blood pressure. And BP is a leading risk factor for heart disease and stroke, as well as kidney problems, and it increases the risk of Type-2 diabetes and metabolic derangements.
A total of 25 states weigh public school students to monitor obesity rates.
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