Chronic Lyme Disease

Sometimes the CDC really gets it right, and let's give 'em credit! That's certainly true in the case of "chronic" Lyme disease. The agency explains that the symptoms some people suffer after successful Lyme treatment may be due to other tick-borne disease. But the chronic administration of antibiotics isn't necessary to treat a non-existent illness.
One of the many medical myths that we are bombarded with is the idea of "chronic Lyme disease." Lyme is real and can be serious if not treated. But attempts to "cure" chronic Lyme can be dangerous or even deadly, especially when long courses of antibiotics are given. Here's the latest on this from the CDC. 
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And the beat goes on: Chronic Lyme Disease quacks and scammers exploit minimal knowledge and maximal greed to treat ingenuous patients indefinitely for a condition they do not have, and likely does not exist.