Dr. Gilbert Ross in the California Political Review, February 1, 2015. Which is more dangerous, a cigarette or a vaporized system to cure people of smoking? To the Leftists wanting to continue the stream of cigarette taxes, while proclaiming hatred of
Dr. Gilbert Ross in The Daily Caller, January 19, 2015. Just when I thought the state of America s public health regarding smoking could not get any worse, the California Department of Public Health (CDPH) showed me how wrong I was. Their new leaflet: Protect Your
A substantial minority of teens believe that occasional cigarette smoking is not so bad; worse still, a majority think that light smoking is OK. Well, it s not, and since smokers begin as teens nine times out of ten, that s the time to correct these myths.
A potentially groundbreaking ruling in the UK may portend the removal of an unscientific and anti-public-health provision of the European Union s tobacco regulation proposal. This would be a case of addition by subtraction, we hope.
Dr. Gilbert Ross and Dr. Michael R. Hufford in the National Review Online, August 5, 2014. Today approximately 14,000 people will die of tobacco-related diseases around the world. The same will
Dr. Gilbert Ross and Dr. Michael R. Hufford in the Nicotine Science and Policy blog Today approximately 14,000
Catch the latest news on declining sale of traditional cigarettes, how BMI affects mortality in older adults, and how another major case of religious exemptions against vaccines is putting lives at risk in one Florida community
Dr. Gilbert Ross in the Ithaca Journal, April 24, 2014. While cigarettes continue to kill a half-million Americans each year while holding 100-fold that number in
FDA finally issues proposed regulations on e-cigarettes. The complex, 241-page report has something for everyone: good bad and otherwise. The key for America s smokers: e-cigs will remain accessible indefinitely to help them quit.
If you pay attention to health news, it seems like every day, something new is blamed for causing cancer. And how fitting that on the 30th anniversary of the first handheld cell phone, cell
NY Times article on the future of e-cigarettes paints a Good vs. Evil scenario. Unfortunately, there is little guidance therein to detect who is whom. Those of us devoted to science-based public health policy know, however: find out here.
Leonard Nimoy, now 82 years old, revealed that he has been diagnosed with COPD, although he quit smoking 30 years ago. His symptoms are mild, thankfully, but they may progress further. The message: if you smoke, quit. If you don't, don't start!