A new Perspective article in the New England Journal of Medicine almost allows for the likely benefits of electronic cigarettes as part of a harm reduction approach to reducing the deadly toll of smoking. At last some science-based progress!
Chicago s City Council reverses itself, striking a blow to protect cigarettes from the nasty competition from much safer e-cigarettes, thanks to Mayor Rahm Emanuel. Out into the cold Chicago winter with you, vapers! To protect the children.
The New York Times bemoans the fate of smokers in America. Reminding us that tomorrow marks the 50th anniversary of the first Surgeon General s report on smoking, the editors wish there were more that could be done for the 44 million smokers. They do not mention what that might be.
Nicotine and health
This year, how about making a truly meaningful, life-altering New Year s resolution?
USA Today's phony "debate" on the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes showed up their agenda rather than the facts. While the "pro" side's Kessler had the facts straight, his position as CEO of Lorillard makes his status and opinions suspect in many venues.
Editorials and op-ed by doctors, medical journals and other media icons about the risks and benefits of e-cigarettes and their need for regulation expose their ignorance of the subject in numerous different ways.
Graphic images on cigarette packs may be doing their jobs. A new study shows the visuals were more likely to discourage teens from smoking than when warnings were text-only
When it comes to teen smoking, primary care physicians shouldn t butt out. New recommendations suggest that the dangers of smoking, when broached by the family doctor rather than friends or family, are more likely to influence teenagers to quit the habit, or better yet, to never start.
The FDA s Center for Tobacco Products, through its head, Mitch Zeller, made yet another non-announcement yesterday concerning menthol cigarettes. The 2009 law
Seductive additive boosting addiction or harmless flavoring? ACSH examines the evidence on and complexities regarding menthol as an ingredient in tobacco products, an ingredient whose banning is often debated. This paper updates a previous research paper on the same subject.
A leading public health consumer group said that any deal with the cigarette industry that includes shielding it from current and future private-sector litigation would be an unparalleled setback for the cause of public health in America.