How exactly do we think, the great migration – of our medications, freeing speech, and monkey minds.
How many of you have read any of the user agreements we have with Google or Facebook? Neither have I. Why are legal contracts so “notoriously difficult for non-lawyers to understand?” A new study in Cognition provides some clues.
For your consideration this time 'round: An American woodworker ... the neurology of being in "the flow" ... a guide to reading in the tsunami of information and misinformation ... and a consideration of whether cells "think."
President Donald Trump completed his first periodic medical examination at Walter Reed National Military Medical Center. His White House physician, Rear Adm. Ronny Jackson, released a statement of his findings and held a protracted press conference. His conclusions discussed here. 
A new study of over 600 stroke patients found that those who spoke 2 languages had significantly better cognitive functioning than those with only one language.
Cochlear implants can improve not just hearing, but cognitive function, in older patients. They have also helped toddlers with impaired or absent hearing to learn to speak normally, if utilized at an appropriate age, between 12 and 18 months.