cognitive impairment

The silver tsunami, or America's aging population, continues to flood the roads. For seniors who might be truckin’ with a bit of physical or cognitive impairment, there may be a rising tide of concern about road safety. Only a handful of states bother to make dementia diagnoses reportable. A new study suggests this may lead to fewer, not more, reports.
These days, age is a topic more debated than just deciding what to watch on streaming services. As we navigate the labyrinth of declining physical and mental prowess, let's dive into the quantifiable quirks of frailty and the slippery slope of cognitive dysfunction.
Hostility and poor coping skills in young adulthood have been associated with worse cognitive outcomes during middle age. But the prospective study had an important limitation, in that cognitive function was measured in midlife, and not during the early years of being an adult.
The latest in health news: a new cancer drug prolongs life, an FDA-approved device could be key in distinguishing between cognitive impairment and Alzheimer's disease, and why heart attacks may look very different in women
A new study shows that a blood test of 10 phospholipids breakdown products of nerve cell membranes has some power to predict the onset of cognitive impairment and Alzheimer s disease. It s way too soon for clinical use, however.
Recently the FDA enhanced its required labeling on statin drugs to include a warning the there might be a link between the use of statins and some forms of reversible cognitive impairment.