A 50-year-old man’s rare condition caused by a catastrophic stroke leaves him unable to move, speak or perform basic functions like chewing and swallowing. All the while his mind is intact. The diagnosis is called “locked-in syndrome,” and here's a look at this terrifying condition.
Otto Warmbier, the Ohio college student detained in North Korea, returned to the United States in a "coma" that has endured since March 2016. With an etiology already in dispute, there's a tendency for wrong information to spread. So let's shift gears to focus on comas, in general, to clarify any falsehoods.
There are reports that the former Panamanian dictator was in a coma after suffering a hemorrhage from an operation to remove a benign brain tumor. Here are some basic tenets in neurosurgery, and how operating near the brain is often a delicate dance.