COVID-19 transmission

COVID-19 makes us reconsider so many of our normal activities. Sure, driving is the safest from the perspective of COVID-19 exposure. Planes, perhaps not as safe, as corporations and your wallet determine the seating relative to other travelers. But what about trains? Let's take a look.
Can you personalize public health guidance? One-size-fits-all policy, in the era of COVID, is causing a great deal of controversy. Are the feds, the states, or local officials best equipped in deciding what measures to put in place? A new study provides a more local, county-wide view.
It's summer and COVID-19 is not only not going away, but it's getting worse by the day, largely because of idiotic public health policies. One of the worst was letting people pack themselves into indoor bars. This has worked out exactly how you'd expect it to. Plus a special visit from The Real Morons of New Jersey.
Air pollution and COVID-19 share at least one attribute: their concentrations and your exposure differ inside and outside. Are we better off, indoors or outdoors?