Covid-19 treatment

Medicine is conservative. We need good, thoughtful reasons to change our approaches to care – a philosophy that we believe has served our patients well. But COVID-19 put that idea on the back burner, especially in the early days of 2020. That was when we had no idea what was wrong and what to do -- and when we threw everything into the effort. How quickly was medicine able to grasp a different approach?
A group of researchers reports an association between low vitamin D levels and COVID-19 infection. Is this a true cause-and-effect relationship? Or are we seeing an excellent example of selection bias? Let's take a look.
Just when you thought the pandemic of misinformation could not get worse, Rudy Giuliani, President Trump's personal attorney, surfaces to add his misinformative spin. His website has two video presentations on suspect therapies for COVID-19. Let's consider them in turn.