So-called environmentalists had their way with New York s Gov. Cuomo: they made him ban fracking, a safe, economical and carbon- and health-friendly technology to provide natural gas. An op-ed highlights the hypocrisy of the fractavists and the cowardice of the Governor.
ACSH s Dr. Gil Ross spoke at length last night on an upstate New York radio program, dissecting the December decision by Gov. Cuomo to ban fracking in the state. Ross s opinions were acerbic, to say the least.
Sound advice on fracking from an unexpected source: Obama s Secretary of the Interior, Sally Jewell, castigated those towns, counties and even one particular state for banning hydraulic fracturing, based on politics and fear, not science and certainly not economics.
New York State Congressman calls upon Gov. Cuomo to free our economy from the chains of his ill-advised moratorium on shale gas extraction: fracking. Why shouldn t New Yorkers reap the same benefits as all those other states?
A town in Texas voted to ban fracking shale-fracturing for entrapped gas and other fossil fuels and the fractavists are having a field day. Fortunately for our energy needs and economy, this symbolic win is Pyrrhic.
Fracking news, pro (water contamination not frack-related) and con (junk survey alleging health effects among nearby residents)
New York s highest court will hear arguments re: townships abilities to ban shale-gas exploration (fracking) via zoning ordinances. Fracking is safe and landowners rights to their own property are at stake. We hope the Court strikes down such bans. The State s moratorium is bad enough.