Cystic Fibrosis

Promising work just published in the journal Nature Medicine offers hope when antibiotic resistance, in an extremely sick patient, renders limited treatments.
Whether one is sick or well, the end of life tends to have its own unique story and reaction. There can be sudden deaths of less surprise to us than the final act of an unrelenting terminal disease. But why are we almost always a bit surprised to learn of someone's death?
Triclosan has garnered a bad reputation due to its overuse. But it may still serve a purpose in treating cystic fibrosis infections.
The chemistry of mucus is conceptually identical to that of hair. Which means the same reaction can style your hair or help you breathe better. Ain't chemistry great?
A One Direction concert-goer, whose difficulty breathing after “intense screaming” yielded a published case report in the Journal of Emergency Medicine, is not alone. Learn why this happens and who's at greatest risk.