It seems the world and his wife will sacrifice everything that's nice to eat in the pursuit of health and slimness. At least until the boredom kicks in. “Keto” is the latest craze. So what’s the low down on this super-restrictive diet, where carbs are the enemy and fat is king?
Diets – along with dietary advice – are everywhere. Medical nutrition therapy slows the progression of failing kidneys. So why is it prescribed so infrequently?
Complementary medicine ranges from authentic stress-relieving massage to well-meaning (but expensive) placebo, to outright spurious healing claims. Researchers decided to study its impact on patients with curable cancers.
The millennial generation (born between 1984 and 2004) has its own take on food and nutrition. From eschewing breakfast cereals to checking the web for information, they don't necessarily follow in their predecessors' footsteps when it comes to what they consume.
The latest type of restricted dietary pattern is "vegganism" yes, spelled with the added "G" for obvious reason which is your basic vegan diet, plus eggs. This is probably a good thing, especially for folks who want to raise their kids without providing animal-sourced foods.
What is the broader health media community saying about the new nutrition guidelines? We took a look around the country, and the internet, and here are some of the most popular sentiments, from the intriguing to the batty.
Most fad diets do not work for everyone, regardless of what someone writing a book claims. So why is that the case? A new study seeks to create an algorithm to predict better results.
A well-controlled, head-to-head comparison of low fat and low carbohydrate diets reveals (to no one s amazement) that there isn t much difference between them when it comes to weight loss.
Yesterday, we discussed a randomized trial that indicated low-carbohydrate diets were superior to low-fat diets with respect to weight loss efficacy. Today, we may have to take it all back,
Ever since the late Dr. Atkins published his very-low carbohydrate diet in the early 1970s, there has been dissention among nutritional experts on the utility and safety of this diet species. In particular, its efficacy for weight loss as well as its effect on the risk of heart disease has been questioned,
Definition: Teenager A human entity comprising a certain age group that is explicitly placed on earth for the sole purpose of exploring the boundaries of poor judgement.
CSH gives a big shoutout to Julia Llewellyn Smith, for her brilliant commentary in The Guardian on the latest (and certainly not last) diet fad du jour gluten free (fill in the blank). Ms. Smith, who sounds exactly like an ACSH staffer, takes no prisoners in her scathing look at the overwhelmingly silly trend to rid the planet of a wheat-based protein called gluten, which could easily read cyanide to the average reader who doesn t understand what this is really all about marketing.