Dr. Gilbert Ross

For decades the Federal government has insisted they want fewer Americans to smoke but recent regulatory missteps have instead led to worries by health professionals that policies designed to create winners and losers in the smoking cessation market instead keep people addicted to tobacco. There has always been a bit
ACSH medical director Dr. Gilbert Ross and ACSH friend, the Hoover Institution s Dr. Henry Miller, have taken to Forbes.com to discuss the current state of Alzheimer s disease (AD) in our country. The article imparts a thorough discussion on the state of diagnostics, treatment and research of a disease whose prevalence is on the rise in America. The writers point out that in comparison with higher profile diseases (such as heart dis
Gil Ross on CCTV discussing GMOs, January 2, 2015 Watch the segment here.
Smokers opposed to a proposal to snuff electronic cigarettes from public places filled a City Council hearing room Wednesday and puffed away.
Opponents of a bill that would add electronic cigarette use to the landmark Smoke-Free Air Act made a strong showing at Wednesday's Health Committee hearing.