Dr. Oz

After six years on the air, Dr. Oz says he s making some changes to his popular TV show, viewed daily by millions. Following the media firestorm from that letter from physicians across the country, Oz has now admitted publicly he was wrong to endorse so many miracle weight loss pills. Most recently, he announced the addition of Dr. Michael Crupain to his staff. His duties would include (according to the press release) being
This week in health news: Oprah Network pulls the plug on the Dr. Oz radio show, the European Commission says sick cattle to be treated with homeopathy, and the FDA takes a closer look at the efficacy of antimicrobial soaps and hand sanitizers
A Columbia faculty Chair and even Oprah seem to be distancing themselves from Dr. Oz. It s about time, given both his unprofessional demeanor and potentially harmful medical advice on his TV show, and his attempt to distract attention from his own malfeasance.
The latest in health news: Chipotle, Kraft, 7 PepsiCo ditch GMOs and aspartame in the name of marketing, not public health, and Alex Berezow [from RealClearScience] tells it like it is in his open letter to Dr. Oz- don't miss it!
Today we give a mega-shoutout to Alex Berezow over at RealClearScience for his brilliant letter to Dr.Oz.
In the Chicago Tribune, ACSH Senior Director of Medicine and Public Health Dr. Gilbert RosS discusses the media firestorm that broke out after a team of American Council on Science and Health current and former advisors called on Columbia University's College of Physicians and Surgeons to reconsider having "America's doctor," Mehmet Oz, retain his position on their faculty. After ACSH bravely tool a stand against his popular media empire, Dr. Oz pulled out all of the stops in claiming it was Big Science out to get him. But then a lot of doctors, including at Columbia and all across the country, said we were right.
The latest in health news: The FDA is finally reviewing homeopathic products to decide whether they should go under same approval process as conventional drugs, a new study shows why napping in carseats and strollers could be dangerous for your infant, and Columbia faculty speak out for or against Dr. Oz; we aren't sure.
Yesterday we reported that ACSH friend, Dr. Henry Miller of the Hoover Institute, wrote a very blunt letter to Dr. Lee Goldman, the Dean of the Faculties of Health Sciences and Medicine at Columbia University, calling for the removal of Dr. Mehmet Oz from the faculty at the university.
Dr. Henry Miller, a highly regarded Research Fellow at the Hoover Institute, who specializes in public health policy, scientific philosophy, junk science and medicine, to name a few, does not find the relationship between Oz and Columbia University the least bit funny.
Dr. Oz questions the safety of the non-browning GM apple- for absolutely no reason, supplements containing amphetamines pulled off the shelves at major retailer, and teen contraceptive use on the rise, but still not quite enough.
In his latest slate.com article, ACSH friend and former trustee Dr. Henry Miller, and co-author Kavin Senapathy, criticize television doctor Mehmet Oz for his