Driving in Manhattan was terrific at the height of COVID and has now, once again, become horrible.
I'm a huge fan of 2,6-diisopropylphenol (aka Diprivan, propofol, "Milk of Amnesia").
Complaining about another state's drivers is something of a national pastime. Here in Washington State, Oregon drivers are the target of our wrath; in Illinois, where I grew up, we picked on Missouri drivers. (The "Show Me State"?
It appears new legislation in Oregon might be the key to bringing opposing political parties together.
If the average person is asked to assess their own driving skills, most will give themselves an above average rating.
With the release of a new report on the dangers of sleep-deprived driving, the AAA Foundation for Traffic Safety should be credited for reiterating an essential tenet: one must be fully aware and alert when getting behind the wheel of a car.