drug abuse

The opioid epidemic has resulted in some soul-searching in the medical community.
How often do you hear of someone using their spouse’s antibiotic medication that was prescribed for a prior illness but not entirely if ever used? Or, a teen sharing her friend’s birth control pills?
A new report published in BMJ Journal: Injury Prevention opts to reframe how we interpret data on preventable, premature deaths by using an “en
In a trend described as “shocking,” news outlets are
The opioid epidemic is center stage when it comes to political agendas, media stories and national discussion.
The overdose epidemic sweeping the nation is hitting some demographics harder than others. New data released by the CDC breaks down heroin overdose deaths by age.
Heroin addiction via Shutterstock
If there is anything we could use in this country, it's a better way
It is hardly news when partygoers end up in the emergency room from a
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