The shortage of generic injectable drugs in the U.S. has been an ongoing, grave (and sometimes life-threatening) problem. Although there are multiple factors given for these inexcusable shortages, the main reason is rarely mentioned:
Josh Bloom in Medical Progress Today, June 4, 2013 There are bad headlines and bad headlines. The bad ones are merely poorly written and confusing. The bad ones actually lead you to the wrong conclusion. When they inevitably get picked up by news organizations and mindlessly passed around, the already-scientifically-ignorant and confused American public absorbs them and becomes even more so...[Read more].
According to a new CDC report, fatalities from overdosing on painkillers are on the rise among women. Compared to 1999, this rate is now five times higher. (It s also three times higher in men). That amounts to about 18 women per day, and most of those deaths are from prescription painkillers such as Vicodin, OxyContin, Percocet, and methadone.