What the hell is GNC selling now?

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Screen Shot 2015-04-09 at 2.14.53 PMThe answer is you won't believe it. ACSH s Dr. Josh Bloom s new Science 2.0 piece examines why GNC and other supplement retailers are allowed to sell a stimulant called BMPEA. It is bad enough that it has never been tested in humans, but worse still, it is structurally and pharmacologically very similar to Adderall, aka amphetamine one of the drugs used to treat ADHD. This is a supplement?

What makes this especially insane is that Adderall is classified by the DEA as Schedule 2 the most restrictive class of all legal drugs. Morphine, codeine and Percocet are on the same schedule, and this places Draconian burdens on patients with legitimate need for pain control to get these narcotics. Yet, you can buy BMPEA at the mall. How much sense does this make?