false narrative

Let's have a round of zero applause for the New York State Department of Health for its June 24th publication to physicians, misnamed "Data to Action Opioid Prescribing in New York State." In a mastery of the self-evident, the authors reache
This month Australian researchers published the results of a population cohort study that followed the 5‑year trajectory of 3.7 million adult patients in New South Wales who were prescribed opioids for pain in the 
It's time to update our language, something that is routinely done to ensure accuracy and minimize antiquated, bigoted, and offensive terms. Think about some of the changes we've seen in the past few decades.
For people in pain, the following history is familiar.  After a year of political maneuvering and under-the-table influence peddling, the National Center for Injury Prevention and Control (NCIPC) at CDC issued a “guideline” in March 2016, for
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