I explained that while we’ve been trying to create a universal flu vaccine for years without success, similar efforts are ongoing for COVID-19.
Flu and COVID-19 are examples of respiratory diseases that require repeated vaccine boosters to prevent illness.
Flu is the prototype of a respiratory disease that requires repeated – yearly - vaccination to prevent infection.
There are signs of a mid-summer surge in COVID-19 cases, particularly in the South and West, that have
We all know people who said, “I had COVID, but it wasn’t too bad after the first couple of days.  After that, I had a cough and was tired for maybe a week.  Pretty much like the flu.” 
This year’s influenza (“flu”) season, which has already begun in some parts of the country, revs up in November, and last until spring, will be made more ominous than ever by the current high numbers of COVID-19 cases in many parts of the nation.&
We are living in a very scary time.
The headline of an article by Erika Edwards, a health and medical reporter for NBC News, seems like nothing special. "This year's flu season may be a bad one. Here's why you need a flu shot."
I've been in science communication for over 8 years. If there's only one thing I learned, it's this: People don't respond to facts.