Here s a question for our Dispatch readers: When is a GMO not a GMO? A proper science answer would go something like this: all agriculture (and really all life) has been genetically modified at some point either by humans or another species (e.g. bacteria or virus) so therefore everything is a GMO.
When it comes to using microwave ovens, all the usual suspects line up to attack the appliance. The fountain of misinformation, Joe Mercola warns it kills more people than cigarettes and asbestos. Natural news, which is run by Mike Adams (who makes Mercola seem like Louis Pasteur) claims that everything from obesity to erectile dysfunction is
Maybe the name Yvette d'Entremont doesn t a ring a bell to you, or maybe you know her by her internet persona: The SciBabe. Whatever your familiarity level is with her you need to dial it way up. Start following and listening to her because she is bringing the heat. Last
Mark Bittman s column in the NYTimes rails on against Big Food. The title: Parasites, Killing Their Host. Sounds like Karl Marx, right? His brief: the Food industry cynically kills consumers for profit by making junk. Wake up, Times! This guy s a loose cannon.
A new survey of 1,000 adults finds widespread agreement with the FDA s position on (not) labeling food with GMO ingredients. It seems anti-biotech activists are just louder than everyone else but the public isn t buying it. Good for them.
Fear of chemicals all around us, especially in our food, can be of great concern to the consumer. However, such concerns (or even fears) are unfounded based on the science.