“We compare rates of firearm-related homicides and non-fatal shooting injuries among military-age males (i.e., young adults aged 18 to 29 years) in selected parts of 4 major US cities with rates of death and injury faced
The news out of the United Kingdom hasn't been rosy as of late. Brexit has plunged the country into political chaos. Now, the latest report feels like rubbing salt in the wound.
By Christopher J. Ferguson, Stetson University
For Americans, this past weekend was painful. On Saturday, an evil, deranged person murdered 22 people in El Paso, Texas. Not even 24 hours later, another evil, deranged person murdered nine in Dayton, Ohio.
The board game Clue taught us that murder weapons could be diverse.
Let's pretend that researchers are investigating acts of violence between players during hockey games. And let's further pretend that they are interested in determining if violent behavior has a racial component.
Mass shootings and terrorism. These two topics continue to strike fear into the hearts of Americans everywhere.
Atul Gawande popularized the concept of medical ‘hot spotting” - originally, hot spotting was the practice of focusing on known crime areas and it became vital for reducing crime in New York City - to health matters in a
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