hay fever

It's hayfever season, and this year it's brutal. People will be buying all kinds of drugs to stop sneezing and dry up runny noses, but most of them won't work very well. And if you dare wander into the abyss of online decongestants, you better read this article. That is, if you want to understand the thousands of products (mostly bad) that companies are hawking. This is nothing to sneeze about.
Spring is here. And with it comes pollen and mold spores, and close on their heels, hay fever. There are several means to treat this immune system dysfunction that can provide relief from the oft life-disrupting symptoms.
Happy Spring! Cue the sniffles, scratchy throats, and sinus headaches. Experts warn that this year's pollen count is high, but how do they actually measure it? We discuss how it's done, while offering a few tips on how to reduce your exposure to airborne irritants.