Not only are eggs not the villainous promoters of heart disease they've been cracked up to be, they may actually help promote heart health. An investigation into the subtypes of LDL and HDL cholesterol found that eating as many as 3 eggs per day can have a positive influence — at least in younger, healthy people.
A recent study on how olive oil affects HDL and LDL (good and bad cholesterol in your body) has us wondering.. Is all cholesterol created equal?
Today we give a shout out to John LaMattina, the former president of R&D at Pfizer and now regular commentator at Forbes.
The American Heart Association and the American College of Cardiology surprised many doctors and patients by issuing controversial new guidelines for reducing cardiovascular risk factors,
The drug company, Regeneron, which specializes in biologicals (drugs made utilizing biological systems, such as antibodies, rather than synthesized chemicals), released results of a late-stage trial of their new man-made antibody, alirocumab. (Hopefully the brand name will roll off the tongue with a bit more fluidity).