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When asked what kept him awake at night, General James Mattis famously answered, "Nothing. I keep other people awake at night." But not everybody is as courageously confident as "Mad Dog" Mattis.
Last month, we reported on an earth-shattering documentary not-so-subtly titled Seattle Is Dying.
Physicians from across the political spectrum, from all over the country and representing nearly every specialty, came to Washington, DC earlier this week to advocate for and protect patients by shining a spotlight on the many hidden ways healthca
When I was a kid, there was no chickenpox vaccine. Getting chickenpox -- along with the requisite oatmeal bath -- was seen as a childhood rite of passage. It wasn't uncommon for kids who were uninfected to hang out with kids who were.
Imagine walking down a city sidewalk in winter. It's dark, wet, cold. You come across a man aged well beyond his years staggering along, grasping a wall so he doesn't fall down.
"Better safe than sorry." That's a great lesson for a child when a parent explains why she should wear a helmet when riding her bicycle. But "better safe than sorry" makes for terrible public health policy.
Like Pig-Pen from Peanuts, a cloud of filth follows Andrew Wakefield wherever he goes.
The latest in a sadly recurrent theme of people posing as doctors when they have no such background or training is that of a Florida man wh
The public sphere is inundated with malicious messages about those who are fearful of or resistant to vaccination. Low hanging fruit that includes name-calling to overtly aggressive, vicious attacks abound (e.g.
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