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Inclusivity for those with chronic disease or differing abilities is gaining momentum as a fashion trend. And it is about time, for all of the innumerable obvious reasons. In an industry uniquely positioned to raise awareness at levels the public health sphere never could, the newest campaign by American Eagle’s Aerie line, devoted to body positivity through unretouched imaging or use of “real” women, showcases lingerie models replete with their respective personal medical devices, albeit an ostomy bag, insulin pump or wheelchair.

This is good for humanity. For fostering improved functionality in clothing design for...

Finally, some worthwhile data.  

In our current culture —especially in the medical sphere, acquiring data for data’s sake has become its own illness whose insidious contagion serves further to fracture and fragment our health care delivery.  

Though I don’t routinely find good news in the topic of death, being the skeptical optimist that I am enables me to see the potential in a new study published in JAMA detailing the mortality rates for major causes of death from 1980-2014.  

Why the cheer?  Because the report is documenting United States county-level trends.  Recognize it is a tempered one, but cheer nonetheless.  Until we start to recognize that policy decisions and implementation...

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When Uber first entered the landscape of livery service, there was significant backlash from the old guard taxicab cartel. Despite efforts to the contrary, Uber has gained a strong foothold in the urban taxi and limousine service industry. Is healthcare also primed for such a drastic Uber-style revolution?

According to a perspective article recently published in the NEJM, authors argue...