heart attack

A slew of recent studies has suggested that climate change is increasing the number of heart attacks worldwide.
“Rise in heart disease may be explained by extreme weather conditions,” ABC News reported last week.
In actuality, the two candidates reflect two-sides of the heart disease coin.
In an ironic but exceedingly fortunate twist of fate, American Heart Association (AHA) President and interventional cardiologist John Warner, M.D. hours after
Since I am a huge proponent of laughter often being good medicine, I didn’t have to look very far to find funny movie scenes that also delivered meaningful medical lessons. Limiting the number of options became the challenge!
As a society, we immediately understand a broken arm. A gaping wound. The wasted appearance of a body overrun by cancer.
A few years ago we profiled a meta-analysis in The Lancet that supported the notion that even healthy adults could benefit from taking statin drugs (which lower L
With the evidence already established regarding known upticks of cardiac deaths (aka heart-related) on Christmas and New Year’s, a new study seeks to elucidate if winter is a main culprit.  
A study by the UK National Cardiac Arrest Audit (NCAA) echoes previous global data that hospital survival is reduced for those admitted on weekends and at night. (1) 
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