high blood pressure

Before we get started please note that this study is not from a peer-reviewed journal. In fact, it's not even in a journal article.
“In effect, the broadening clinical experience of managing CVD conditions that manifest differently between women and men, combined with the accumulating data on sex-specific CVD presentations, suggest that cardiovascular pathoph
Routine doctor's appointments usually end the same way. The doctor encourages you to exercise, stress less, and eat healthy, usually mentioning something about vegetables and fiber.
With the tragic death of beloved actor Luke Perry of television’s Beverly Hills 90210 and Riverdale fame secondary to last week’s reported “mass
Heart disease is the leading cause of death in women.
As we've noted before, the amount of sodium an adult should consume has been, and still is, a bone of contention, with some experts finding t
Mention high blood pressure and most of the diet-conscious among us think "lower salt intake" to manage it.
Ask yourself how often you ever think about your ability to hear? How much you value it? How much you—and your loved ones—would be impacted if it were gone or profoundly diminished?
All you have to do currently to encounter an influx of negativity and persistent “what ifs” or anxiety is turn to social media or any news outlet.  This pervasive, chronic theme—no matter where you fall on the political spectrum—has been ever
It isn’t hard to imagine that as our enlarging and ever-stiffening polarized political spheres come to a head, an article about what maintains the penis’ potency might be a kind of crowning glory.
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