homeopathic products

A "friend" of mine is having some cosmetic surgery. He/she/her/him/them/it has been given a take-home kit for post-surgical care.

Homeopathic products can be found in the aisles of almost every pharmacy.

It seems like every time I open up my computer, another children's homeopathic product is getting recalled.

Homeopathic products are a scam. They are sold for almost any ailment imaginable and, collectively, people are willing to spend several billions of dollars a year on them despite any evidence that they are effective. 

Every once in awhile I get something wrong, and I have no problem admitting it.

Screen Shot 2015-04-24 at 2.50.52 PMThe insanity that is evident from examining the role (or lack

The latest in health news: The FDA is finally reviewing homeopathic products to decide whether they should go under same approval process as conventional drugs, a new study shows why napping in carseats and strollers could be dangerous for your