Shortness of breath, also known as dyspnea, is a patient’s subjective experience. For a long time, we thought that observable measurements, like the degree to which our blood was oxygenated, was consistent with that subjective experience. COVID-19 requires us to rethink those associations.
Risks change in healthcare when imminent life or death are your alternatives.
This agonizing situation is a powerful reminder that nature will always be our greatest adversary. That said, current day understanding, innovation and progress is a formidable opponent.
A United flight (UA-31) bound for Newark (New Jersey) from Munich (Germany) was safely diverted to London Heathrow Airport after multiple passengers complained of feeling lightheaded and unwell. What could cause this?
Flight operations for the F-35 fighter jet were suspended until further notice due to multiple episodes of apparent oxygen deprivation to pilots. Aviation physiology is quite complex. Here's the impact of hypoxia, gravitational forces and altitude.
In the second of a two-part series involving iconic astronaut Buzz Aldrin, we delve further into high-altitude illnesses, prevention and management. We'll also debunk a few myths about altitude sickness.