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Natural immunity comes from being exposed to a microbe that causes a disease. Vaccination-mediated immunity comes from being exposed to a vaccine that is similar to but not the same as the microbe. If we understand a bit more about our immune system and its memory, it will help us navigate the information and misinformation about COVID-19 vaccines, the COVID variants, and the length of our immunologic memory.
Just like every winter, norovirus is going around like crazy. Some of you will get it and some of you won't. Is it simply luck, or is there something more going on? Yes, there is. If you have the "right" blood type you will probably be spared. But if you have the "wrong" type you may be hugging the bowl.
There's a reason that it's a running joke. You know, the one that medical students go through a phase when they think they actually have every disease they study. But for those not in the profession, preoccupation with illness is reaching unhealthy levels.
Scientists and doctors alike have considered gene therapy a potential panacea since it was first postulated on in the 1970s. If harnessed correctly, it is theorized gene therapy could provide real cures for an