infectious disease

This article was originally published at Geopolitical Futures.
This article was originally published at Geopolitical Futures.
Because of advances in transporting ourselves quickly across the world, contagious diseases can be easily spread.
Several major airlines have cancelled flights into China because of the Wuhan coronavirus (also called 2019-nCoV). The U.S. State Department has gone further by issuing a "do not travel" warning for China.
Infectious disease is responsible for a substantial amount of morbidity and mortality around the world.
Former Senator Kay Hagan of North Carolina died yesterday at the age of 66 from complications caused by an infection with the Powassan virus. What is that?
Mosquitoes suck, both literally and figuratively. No other animal on Earth is responsible for more human deaths than the lowly mosquito.
"Things have not gotten as stupid as they are going to get." 
By Lone Simonsen and Maarten van Wijhe
In a piece published today in the journal Science Translational Medicine, researchers present a proof-of-concept study maintaining they designed “an accessible solution that uses speakers and microphones within existing smartphones to det
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