influenza vaccine

The flu season, which is about to rev up in the U.S.
Flu is the prototype of a respiratory disease that requires repeated – yearly - vaccination to prevent infection.
Over the past several years, the medical community has learned, to its dismay, that we can experience a “twin-demic” of winter infectious diseases – simultaneous COVID-19 and flu outbreaks resulting in intense stresses on healthcare delivery.
One thing we have learned during the pandemic is that medical innovation cannot rest on its laurels.
Influenza, “the flu,” is more than a bad cold.  Seasonal outbreaks yearly cause not only tremendous misery and debility but huge numbers of hospital admissions and deaths.
As ACSH's Ana Dolaskie approaches the final weeks of pregnancy, she is making sure all her vaccinations are up-to-date. This includes the TDAP vaccine (Tetanus-Diphtheria-Pertussis) and influenza shot.
There have been some remarkable advances in medicine over the
In health news: why no one is to blame for this year's failed flu shot, one in five hysterectomies are unnecessary, & here's one supplement we do love!
Flu season is considered to begin in October and last until as late as May.
Flu season is here, and once again the question arises as to whether or not flu vaccinations should be mandatory fo
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