Having left Manhattan several years ago and moved to the NoFo, I found that delivery services for food were virtually non-existent. You would have thought COVID has changed that significantly, but only if you want Mickey D's or Burger King.
As the call for eating less red-meat grows, the substitutes are raising their game. I have written about the Impossible Burger and I see that a Beyond Chicken is being introduced by the Colonel.
There are several theories to explain why, as we grow old, our physical and mental abilities decline. One belief holds that the small errors made in copying our cells accrue over time and result in our declining abilities and death.
Among the apocryphal quotes is that of Robert Oppenheimer, upon the detonation of the first atomic bomb: “Now I am become Death, the destroyer of worlds.” A policy discussion in Science echoes those concerns about horizontal environmental genetic
Several years ago, during a layover in Copenhagen's airport, I struck up a conversation with an elderly British couple.
Recently, doctors pulled a live, one inch cockroach from a woman's head. EW, right? Turns out, it's not entirely novel for critters to get lodged IN our bodies... They must really like the dwelling! 
Special bacteria-killing surfaces constitute a highly active area of research and development.
There are two kinds of people in the world: Those who eat bugs knowingly and those who eat bugs unknowingly. Oh yes, you eat bugs. Even vegans eat bugs.
As a greater number of people enter the middle class around the globe, many will turn away from plant-based diets in favor of meat-based diets.
Fireflies, or lightning bugs, are undoubtedly one of the many joys of summer. Children chase and catch them, temporarily distracting the insects from their important mission of finding love.