Iron Law of Prohibition

For anyone with the intellectual capacity of a turnip, it should be more than obvious that the "iron law of prohibition," something Dr.

Last weekend, Senate negotiators announced a bipartisan compromise on a supplemental spending package that will create toug

The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention recently reported that in the 12‐​month period ending last August, about 74,000 people died from fentanyl‐​related overdoses

Writing in the Australian journal The Quadrant a year and a half ago, I criticized the Australian government’s

Today the Biden Administration declared that fentanyl laced with xylazine (“tranq”) is an “emerging threat.” In Februar

The recent investigative article in the Washington Post about the devastation that illegal fentanyl has brought to the US was clearly an enormously

The term "fentanyl" has become synonymous with both pharmaceutical and illicit fentanyl as well as the two dozen or so analogs (1) that are being seized by the DEA (2) across the country.

As I have written on numerous occasions, most recently here, the opioid overdose crisis was never caused by doctors “