kidney damage

Given the popularity of marathons and participation in the United States exceeding half a million annually, a Yale-led team of researchers sought to explore the relationship between strenuous exercise and kidney function. (1)

Not much has been done on the topic, so they sought to investigate adverse effects that such vigorous activity compounded by the heat stress experienced could have on the kidney. Their findings were just published in the American Journal of Kidney Diseases.

Appreciating that the blood flow to the kidneys can diminish as much as 25% under intense activity compared to when a person is at rest, they hypothesized that ischemic tubular damage could be a consequence. (2) When a body...

Smoking is bad.  Bad for mom.  Bad for unborn and born baby.  Now, yet another study reveals its adverse effect on the developing child.  

This time the focus is the kidney and the resultant damage.  

Researchers from Kyoto University in Japan set out to clarify the association between smoking during and after pregnancy in the home with the risk of proteinuria at age 3 years old of the child.  

Proteinuria refers to the spilling of protein into the urine.  This can occur in a benign fashion when it is in trace amounts and due to orthostatic proteinuria (aka protein appearing in the urine upon standing due to a positional or postural shift).  When it is sustained and present in the urine in increasingly significant amounts, it can reflect underlying disease or...