The knee is an incredibly complicated structure, which is why "knee pain" can be rather challenging to address. New research examines the physical distribution of knee pain and finds three common patterns.
It's easy to be led astray by trusting to logic when evaluating health advice. But sometimes logic is borne out by science, as in the case of a recent study of prevention of knee arthritis by weight loss in overweight and obese women.
Running at any time of life is not only not harmful for your knees, but may actually be protective. Good news for joggers who may have been fearful of provoking arthritis.
A new retrospective study shows a significant association between reduced rate of knee- and hip- replacement revision and treatment with hormone replacement therapy (HRT). A good candidate theory for prospective trial to confirm, or refute.
A common knee cartilage operation is shown to be no better than a sham procedure: medial meniscectomy, repair or removal of a frayed or torn cartilage between the femur and tibia in the knee, had little effect on symptoms one year later.