Mark Bittman

Scammers like to scare the elderly using coronavirus and Social Security fraud. Now, the AARP likes to scare old people over the food they eat.
Standing on the doorstep of 2017, we can only wonder which anti-science voices will be the loudest next year, as we consider how best to debunk their anti-science messages.
Mark Bittman's cookbooks and column in The New York Times are well known in the foodie community. But success in his new role, shaping food policy on the faculty at Columbia University, will require him to stretch beyond his old ideas and to a more inclusive view of what healthy eating means for all people -- not just the readers at his former job.
Mark Bittman s column in the NYTimes rails on against Big Food. The title: Parasites, Killing Their Host. Sounds like Karl Marx, right? His brief: the Food industry cynically kills consumers for profit by making junk. Wake up, Times! This guy s a loose cannon.